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14 June, 2016

Bring a twist to old favourites for exciting midnight hunger cravings

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There are too many midnight munchies platters that you can cook up to match the excitement of the game night. Game night is all about friends and family coming together to spend a great time and enjoy great food that can be made with the simplest efforts. You do not have to hover in the kitchen throughout the day, to prepare a simple Sunday night game dinner. All you need is the proper planning and understanding of what you need to cook. Buy all the ingredients the day before so that you are prepared with the items and there is no extra fuss that you need to handle. Hence it all lies in the preparation and how you have organised the entire platter.

Organise your ingredients

With the easy and simple recipes comes the flavour and charm of something that is undeniable. Flavours are not complicated and you can taste each and every ingredient individually and understand the beautiful amalgamation that has been created. It is the love and passion that works for this soul food rather than the use of exotic ingredients. There is no need to spend too much because everything that you have at hand can be used in the simplest of ways and designed beautifully.

Some of the greatest football munchie recipes are the simplest to create and most lip smacking of all. It is the simplicity of the ingredients that shines through the food and creates the most amazing flavour ever.

Going the Mexican way

Irrespective of the origination, tacos remains a favourite among food lovers. Now even game enthusiasts, tacos are a real hot choice. The simple reason is that it is uncomplicated, easy to hold and completely fuss free. You will get prepared tacos from the store. All you need to do is heat them up in the oven or slightly brown it with oil in a pan. In a separate pan, heat oil, put 2 cloves of garlic, chopped green chilli, sliced tomatoes and onions. Once the tomatoes have cooked down, add in chicken or pork slices and stir fry the mix. Add salt, paprika and sugar for taste. Take out from heat and add coriander. Place the mix in the tacos and enjoy with a refreshing salsa. It is hardly going to take 20 minutes to prepare the entire feat.



You can experiment with this recipe in a whole lot of new ways and add new flavours or spices to make it one of the most amazing midnight munchies ideas ever. Irrespective of whether it is game night or not, this easy to make recipe is going to be a hit among your friends.

Bring out the foodie in you

An extraordinary line of recipes are available and you can make your pick from a number of hot favourites. If the recipes are too constricted for you, changing them a little for the better would not be a bad idea. For instance you could choose to do a lamb wellington rather than a beef one. Add a little zing to your Mac and cheese and some gorgeous minced chicken to it and serve it with fresh basil. Make a lime and chilli sorbet instead of having the plain old vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup. Several more twists are waiting for you only if you are ready to think out of the box and explore. However it is always advised that you stick to baking measurement, because a glorious sponge cake and crème brulee is all about timing and accurate measurements.

With so many midnight munchies recipes, you can go forward and make your pick and create the ultimate dinner platter.

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