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16 May, 2016

Midnight Munchies hunger that needs satisfaction

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Are you getting sudden urges to eat at midnight? Then that urge is known as midnight munchies as per modern definition. This sudden appetitive that one develops at night is not something unusual nowadays. Even Nutritionists haven’t yet decides upon the fact that it is good or not for us. Let’s get to know something more about these exceptional urges.

Its Causes

There are several scenarios or situations which can lead upto midnight munchies. An urge for having late night snacks may arise when people are awake very late. Then another situation can arise when people come from parties where they had early dinner which makes them get hungry. Many other exceptions may cause sudden midnight hunger.

Food for the Midnight munchies

Midnight munchies menu basically comprises of mostly snacks and left over dinner dishes. Here are list of some items which anyone can have or make it quick-

Some Good midnight food16

  • Yogurt

It is the healthiest thing you can eat anytime and definitely at midnight. Rather than having ice cream you should have frozen yogurt.

  • Popcorn

It is one of the quickest snacks one can make. One just needs some popcorn kernels, a paper bag and most important – a microwave. Popcorn goes good excellently when watching late night movies, games, etc.

  • Hummus

Another very healthy thing you can have at night is Hummus. It is very fulfilling and provides ample nutrition. Some suggest that merging it with veggies can be further tastier as well as filling.

  • Soups

There are many types of soups like tomato, corn, etc. They are quite easy to prepare and extremely filling for late night hunger.

  • Some people prefer having fruits like bananas, apples, mangoes, grapes, etc to meet their late night hunger.
  • Mug cakes are easy to make and also is easy to digest.

Things to Keep in Mind

Many doctors think that midnight munchies ideas are source for recent rise in obesity rates. Having food late night is actually a shortcut to get fat as your body is unable burn off fat as there is not much activity done except sleep. So to avert the getting fat disaster, here are ways how you can stop gaining weight through midnight munchies-

  • In-taking calories


midnight munchies


One should have late night snacks which are low on calories such as soups, yoghurt, etc. Stuffs like chips should be avoided.

  • Factor of Digestion

Having something when hungry doesn’t ensure that it will be easily digested. Eating something heavy or spicy late at night can easily cause digestion problems thereby hampering health or may effect next day’s appetite. Dishes like noodles, soup, fruits are easily digestible.

A situation may arise that an individual or a group is working late and may be hungry but there is no food. It’s actually quite difficult to concentrate on work when hunger, so various restaurant chains have come up that offer midnight munchies home delivery for those in need.  Thus just by calling or placing an order online one can get good late night food delivered to the doorstep.

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