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21 June, 2016

Prepare game night meals together with roommates effortlessly

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Game nights are always exciting and if you are in the mood to prepare some delicious midnight munchies at home, then there are several ideas to choose from. The basic thing that should be kept in mind is that the dishes need to be simple and fuss free, without you having to spend too much time in the kitchen and feverishly drawing a mental picture of how far the game has gone. Make sure that you have already decided on the recipes from the day before so that you are aware of the extra ingredients to bring down. You do not want to do the dreaded 11th hour shopping.

Roommates and game night meals

If you are living with roommates, then sharing comes within the territory. If three of you prepare for a meal together, the time is reduced and so is the handwork. Moreover you do not really have to dread the cooking process because doing it together will be surprisingly fun and easy. You can go for simple burgers and salads to sausage stir fries and decadent cakes made with simple efforts. Hence it is not as hard as you always thought. With some simple mise en place and time taken out before the game starts, you can create a platter that is going to be lip smacking and delicious to look at.

Some of the most simple and effortless football munchie recipes include turkey or chicken burgers, rocket salad, chocolate cakes and a chorizo and beans platter. Take a look at the following recipes to make the most of your game night.

The big burger

The humble burger cuts the mark all the time. Take 3 chicken breasts and marinate it with paprika. Dip it in buttermilk and go for a great southern style fried chicken. Once the meat is cooked through and juicy, start assembling the burger. Spread the loaf with mustard sauce and topple it with roasted pepper and tomatoes. Add slices of fresh onion rings and place the chicken on top. Layer the meat with another helping of mustard sauce and repeat the same ingredients again. There you go! You have a simple and lip smacking dish prepared.

You can always go for a fresh Caesar or rocket salad with a great dressing to add some freshness. These midnight munchies ideas are great for roommates preparing dishes together.



Chorizo cook ups

This Spanish sausage is like heaven on earth. Slice up the chorizo and add a few cloves of garlic to the pan and fry it. Squeeze in lemon juice and add canned beans along with the water. Add tomato puree to it and let it simmer until the beans are properly cooked. Add salt and pepper according to taste. Now if you are a mushroom lover, you could add a few button mushrooms and create a wholesome dish. Serve hot with bread and garnish with coriander.

If you want to end with a dessert then you have a simple cheat trick here. Buy a plain sponge cake and cut it horizontally to create two lawyers. Spread the mid layer with a generous helping of melted dark chocolate and cream. Place the final sponge layer and drizzle the melted chocolate on top. Freeze it for more than 2 hours and enjoy these midnight munchies recipes with your friends.

Considering how easy the recipes are to cook up, you will hardly have problem in understand the methods and even if you are not referring to it, you can just cook up special and exclusive dishes with your brilliant intuition.

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