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16 May, 2016

Here is the solution for midnight munchies, munch cakes

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Midnight munchies are the most frightening phenomenon designed exclusively for the night owls. Didn’t get it? Are you the one who works late at night? Or studying hard till midnight to get through the desired interview? Or returning late from your friend’s place? Or a master stoner?

If yes in any of the above cases then, you must be knowing about the cravings which arise mostly in midnights when almost all the fast food outlets have been closed, and you do not have the option to cook for yourself or your partner.

Munchies haunting? Kill them all

Kill your cravings with munch cakes, a Midnight Munchies Bakery creation. They provide freshly baked cookies and that too more than 100 varieties. Workshops are being conducted to deliver some new flavors to their list, and it is expected to arrive soon. The special or unique feature of Munch cakes is that they deliver cookies that are baked fresh to order. The assembling and packaging start only after you place your order.

Midnight munchies 9

Late night delivery, from 9 PM to 3 AM is another pillar added to their vision. Sincere boys and girls are there to deliver promising service and create a good customer base. People living in Stanford, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton and Redwood City are lucky to have fresh baked cookies anytime in between 9 and 3.

Mouthwatering midnight munchies menu

You might be wondering that since when cookies are mouthwatering! My dear friend, you haven’t tried Midnight munchies yet. Yes, the munch cakes whether it’s simple ones or special ones doesn’t matter, grab it put it in your mouth to experience the typical flavor all around.

Midnight munchies 12

Cookies bannered under simple ones are,

All are priced at 7.50 bucks for half a dozen. Specialty cookies have a little more variety as,

Midnight munchies14

  • Peanut butter jelly,
  • Rick roll d,
  • Double rainbow,
  • Chocolate rain,
  • Orange creamsicle etc.

But the best part is that the special ones also cost the same that means 7.50 bucks for half a dozen.

Midnight muncheez address

If anytime you feel like giving a surprise or preplanned visit, get your car keys, turn on the navigator and type – “3220 S Halla day St # B, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States.” Get down to the destination and explore the area.

Home delivery:

Midnight munchies home delivery is divided into two genres; one is local catering that means all of the peninsular areas under San Francisco and San Jones. They deliver seven days a week and only if you ordered a day earlier because they are starting preparing only after the order.

Second is nationwide shipping which also covers Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping charges are paid by the customers.

Billion dollars idea

It is a fact that billion dollar ideas strike only after midnight; you should always carry a notebook and a pen beside your bed. And those ideas are popular as midnight munchies ideas. The munch cakes help in developing more inclusive and clear vision.


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