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16 June, 2016

Taste the ultimate old midnight goodies with game night excitement

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There are too many super game nights approaching and you have to prepare yourself so that you can fully concentrate on the excellent goals on those coveted football grounds. Some great midnight munchies are lined up for you so that there is no need to concentrate much on kitchen. Instead you can focus on the game and enjoy with your partner. Game nights are particularly important because it provides a chance to spend time with your loved ones. Such nights are always kept free so that it can be properly celebrated and cheered for.

If you are wondering how to prepare for the much awaited game night then there are several recipes available that are completely fuss free, simple to make yet delicious and nothing short of a restaurant quality service.

Classic goodies

Some of the recipes have been going on for several years now and no matter how many times you have eaten them, the charm still remains the same. Dishes like Mac and cheese and a few more have always been hot favourites among game lovers. The simple reason being that they are easy to prepare, can be eaten effortlessly and take no time to cook at all. If you are wondering how to choose the recipes then certify that you have all ingredients at hand and need not go for extra shopping.

One of the best things about game night dinner is that you do not have to think of the extra cost involved for dinner if you have prepared everything well enough. Hence midnight munchies ideas need to be cost effective and simple enough. You can choose from a range of recipes available and take your pick. From cool deserts to wholesome main courses, there is a whole lot that you can explore with.

The humble Mac and Cheese

This is one recipe that never goes out of style and is always going to remain a core favourite for most. It is quite possibly one of the easiest and lip smacking dishes that is going to pack a punch. You need uncooked macaroni, a mix of cheddar and parmesan cheese (2 cups cheddar for half a cup of parmesan), milk-3 cups, butter, and 2 tablespoon of flour, ½ cup breadcrumbs and paprika.

Boil the macaroni; however take it out just before it is cooked properly. In a pan, heat butter and add flour. Mix properly and add the milk to create the beautiful béchamel sauce. Add the cheese slowly and mix properly. Place the boiled macaroni in a baking pan. Pour over the melted cheese goodness. In a separate pan add butter and brown the breadcrumbs and add it to cover the Mac and cheese base. Bake for about 30 minutes at a 175 degrees Celsius and serve hot. This may be an old recipe but the flavour is somehow renewed every time you taste it. Such football munchie recipes will please your partner greatly.

Strawberry passion

If you are in need of something simple that will cleanse your palate beautifully then this simple yogurt and strawberry mix will be a delight. Mix the berries and yogurt in a food processor. Add a few tablespoon of honey and a dash of lime juice and simply freeze the mixture overnight. Serve the next day with a cool basil leaf on top along with some cured strawberry slices.



With these midnight munchies recipes, you are good to go. Keep it simple and enjoy the fantastic goals.

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